Sunday, November 13, 2011

"A Checkered Gala Affair", 8" x 8", Oil on Canvas (Available).

"A Checkered Gala Affair", 8" x 8", Oil on Canvas. I love the colors in this painting and it was enjoyable to do. When at the store I bought a little sack of Gala Apples to eat, and probably paint.. I spent several days on this one and I hope you enjoy looking at it and that it gives you pleasure. I have now put the apples into the fruit bowl on the kitchen sink waiting to enjoy eating. The painting is avaible and will be ready to ship as soon as it dries, and it won't take very loong.  If interested, please contact me via  Thank you, Ellie

"Two Apples", 6" x 6", Oil on Canvas (AVAILABLE)

Two Apples, was the first oil I have done in quite a little while and as much as I love to paint flowers, I love to paint flowers and fruits equally, something fresh and colorful from the garden. The colors just played with my art sense and it seemd like a happy painting to me.. It is small but I have painted it all the way around and top and bottom which means it would look great sitting on a little display easel or leaning against some cook books. It can also be framed but it isn't necessary. .  I hope you like my impressionistic way of painting these apples. Thank you for looking.Ellie

Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Field of Poppies", 9" x 10". Original Watercolor Painting (Available)

"Field of Poppies", was so much fun to paint because I love Iceland Poppies in all their beautiful colors. The delicate Poppies look so light and airy as then sway in the breeze of a sunlit day. How beautiful is that to see the colors of orange, pink, yellow, coral, red, even white poppies. I love the little creases in them and to see the delicate hairs on the stems.  All part of God's plan to make them the best they can be for all to enjoy.  This watercolor is available and you may purchase it by contacting me through my email.  I hope you enjoy it, and thank you.  Eleanor

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Eden Rose", 7.9" x 7.9", Original Watercolor Painting (AVAILABLE)

"Eden Rose" is one of my favorite roses.  It is a David Austin English climber in a beautiful shade of pink.  The outer petals have a pale greenish cast to them. The rose is medium size cupped shape beauty. As it cascades downward you can see the delicate flowers in all their glory. It likes the sun and often reaches for more if hiding in a darker spot. This painting was so fun to do and it was done in my impressionistic style, which hopefully you will enjoy. It is available and if you are interested just email me a note   Thank you for coming by. Eleanor

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"French Lace Roses, Ole`", 7.9" x 7.9", Original Watercolor (AVAILABLE)

French Lace Roses, Ole`, is a colorful and fun painting I did after picking some roses from my front yard, putting them in a glass jar on my kitchen table. I had these placemats on the table and thought it would be fun to try and paint one under the roses.  I love to paint flowers, often times roses or spring flowers. I enjoy trying different containers or plates in my still life work. It seems lately though that I am stuck on canning jars which  have always been sentimental to me because of days gone by with my Mother and Grandma. I hope you enjoy the South of the Border flavor of the Ole` mat under the roses. I hope you like my impressionistic style of painting, as it just seems to come naturally. If you would like to purchase this painting, please email me at   Thank you for stopping by. Eleanor

Friday, October 14, 2011

"Hot Pink Hydrangeas in Glass Jar" by Eleanor Erickson Hargrave (Available)

"Hot Pink Hydrangeas in Glass Jar".  12" x 12", Original Watercolor Painting.  This painting is in my own impressionistic style using Holbein transparent watercolor paints.  It was painted on Arches 140 lb, Artists Watercolor Paper.  I love to paint flowers, whether it be roses, hydrangeas or any variety of spring flowers. These Hot Pink Hydrangeas remind me of some on the northern side of my Grandparents home.  No matter what I say or write, I always think of Hydrangeas as "Grandma Flowers".  That is my affectionate term for the these flowers.  I had such fun painting them and with Hydrangeas it is a push pull thing to work them enough to take on the look of a Hydrangea without being overworked. Nothing worse than an overworked watercolor. I think in these I was able to capture this happy middle ground.  As a child I asked how come some are pink and some which I was told the correct answer of it being due to the iron and feed content of each plant.  This makes me wonder about the white ones, as if are they anemic? (probably the nurse in me).  I sure hope not but it did make me wonder.  This painting is available and the shipping will be free in the continental US. Any questions, please email me at  Thanks, Eleanor.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Bunch of Red Radishes, 7-3/4" Square, Original Watercolor (SOLD)

A Bunch of Red Radishes,  This painting was inspired when I went to the market and bought some radishes to paint. I love the shade of red and from time to time just have to paint more of them.  I put the bunch on an white plate with a blue and white checkered rim.  It gave the look a hint of country.  Radishes have their own personality with the shapes and just watching where the tails (roots) go.  Those are so fun to paint as I just put clear water the length of the root and then touch a bit of color..then watch it grow. It is more fun to watch.  This painting is sold but if you would like me to paint you some, just send me a note. Thank you for stopping by,,  Eleanor (Ellie) Erickson Hargrave, Artist.

Monday, August 29, 2011

"Two Bunches of Radishes", 8" x 10", Original Watercolor (SOLD)

This lovely little piece of Fine Art is ready to go to your home. I took two bunches of perky radishes and placed them on my white plate with blue and white checkered rim.  I love the color and the look of radishes, and together with this country style plate  it feels complete. I painted this in my impressionistic style, with a loose and watery touch.   There is something about these colors that make me think of a nice cheerful kitchen.  I like a watercolor to looked like it isn't overworked, leaving some of the details to the viewer.  I  painted these radishes on a standard size paper, so it would be easier and less expensive to frame. Just a standard matting and wastercolor frame, will make it stand out in any kitchen. If interested in purchasing this painting, just send me an email at   Thanks, Eleanor (Ellie) Erickson Hargrave 

Friday, August 26, 2011

"Daffodils by the Fence", 10" x 8", Original Watercolor (SOLD)

"Daffodils by the Fence" was such fun to paint. I love the little cups on their faces, so delicate and fun.  I am amazed each day by God's beauty out there in all of our gardens.  Such a personality the daffodils take on. Some cups are almost facing downward as if shy, and some stand tall and look you right in the eye. They look so delicately feminine with their ruffles in different shades of yellow. If you are interested it purchasing this painting, please just send me an email.  It is unframed but of a standard size, all ready for your choice of matting and watercolor frame.  Free Shipping in the continental USA..  I hope you enjoyed my impressionistic style of painting these daffodils.  My thanks, Ellie  Email address is for any inquiries.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Bright Pink Roses", 12" x 12", Orig. Watercolor (Available)

"Bright Pink Roses", 12" x 12", Watercolor. As many of you know I love flowers so much, roses in particular. Actually the one I am painting is often my favorite at the time. This painting was inspired when several days ago I went out to find some flowers to cut and bring in to paint. I brought them in using my white garden basket, and then went hunting for the right vase to put them in. Lately I have been in the mood for glass canning jars. This jar was shorter and rounded which gave me a little challenge. Canning jars always bring my own Mother and Grandma to mind. In this case since I bought it later when I had my own children with me so it remindeds me of them. I had two of the children with me when we went looking around at an old antique shopping haunt where I purchased this. I trimmed the roses a little bit and arranged them in fresh water. When I found these roses in my garden I noticed the metal tag had fallen off..Urggg. I have a schematic with name and such so I will update and retag it. For this painting I will name them "Bright Pink Roses". I love the color and it seems to make people happy when looking at them. Enjoy! Please contact me if interested in purchasing this painting. Thank you and enjoy! Ellie

Monday, August 1, 2011

"Flowers and Fruit", 11" x 11", Original Watercolor (Available)

"Flowers and Fruit", 11" x 11", Original Watercolor. This cheerful watercolor was inspired when I went looking for some pretty flowers to buy and paint. I painted "Blue Cornflower", which sold right away and l needed to keep painting. The flowers were still fresh and I really wanted to paint using similar colors of cobalt blue and yellows. I traded the pitcher for a smaller one and then started at it.(I love those dishes) It was a lovely day out and I could feel the energy as I paint right next to the window. When I finished, the painting was a little unsettling to me until I realized it needed to be cropped. I LOVE it now after making it square, a wonderful shape for many paintings. When I look at it now, I see luscious colors of cheerful energy. Wow..I should bottle that energy! It is available if you are interested. Thank you, Ellie

Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Blue Cornflower", 14' X 11", Original Watercolor (SOLD)

   "Blue Cornflower", 14" x11", Original Watercolor. This painting was inspired by the beautiful flowers I had just purchased to put on my table. I looked around for that special vase or pitcher to put them in and saw this one. I instantly felt sentimental because of remembering all the fun family times we had at the table when using these dishes. Blue is really my favorite color if I could only have one..(but thank goodness we can have many) A beautiful day for painting ...and I love to paint in my impressionistic style, both in wastercolor and oil. I hope you enjoy this painting. Please feel free to look back in the folders of my art blog. I hope you enjoy this painting. This is a very standard size and standard sizing is not expensive. I usuallly go to Aaron Bros. for my framing needs as they have a great and large selection. Enjoy! Please contact me with any questions. Thank you

Saturday, July 23, 2011

"King Alfred Daffodils", 9" x 12", Original Watercolor (SOLD)

"King Alfred Daffodils", 12"x 9", Watercolor. This painting is a happy painting because I see daffodils as whimsical, pretty, and full of fun light. They stand tall, yet have a shyness about them, ocasionally looking down. They each have such a personality, almost like the little buttercup shaped faces, smiling and looking around from the garden or vase. I so enjoyed painting this and I hope you enjoyed viewing it. I paint in an impressionistic loose style, but on occassion it gets more realistic. If you have any questions, please contact me via email. I was asked to paint these daffodils, but it is still available until accepted and sold. Email me at It was painted on quality watercolor paper with Holbein transparent watercolors. Thank you, Eleanor

Monday, July 18, 2011

"The Trees of Brookside", 10" x 10", Original Watercolor (Available)

"The Trees of Brookside", 10" x 10", Original Watercolor. This watercolor was inspired as I took yet another look from the western rim overlooking the Arroyo. My view was large and panoramic, starting with the Rose Bowl on the right, on over to the large and beautiful view of the majestic San Gabriel Mountains on my left. There isn't a view from that spot that isn't just the most breathtaking. This time I chose to focus on all the beautiful round trees of the Brookside Golf Course. The colors ranged from warm yellows to the cooler blues. It was a very bright great weather day, all the while it was gently raining over the mountains. I often go to this spot to gain strength and see beauty. It has a way of renewing my soul with positive energies from God's creations. I hope you enjoy my impressionistic style of this almost pastoral setting. If you would like to inquire about purchasing this painting, please contact me at (Unframed) I can help you with matting/framing if you desire. Thank you.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gentle Rain over the San Gabriel's, 11" x 11", Orig. Watercolor (SOLD)

"Gentle Rain over the San Gabriel's", 11" x 11", Original Watercolor Painting. As one would stand on the western side of the Arroyo's brim in Pasadena, you could face north and see this view. On this day, the sun was shining brightly on the golf course, yet you could see signs of a gentle rain up over the mountains in the clouds. A most beautiful afternoon with bright blue skies. The majestic San Gabriel's have been a landmark view for all who reside or visit the area. These mountains are not only beautiful, but they are strong, withstanding fires and flooding. Even when they were recently charred with the terrible fires, they took on an almost purple appearance and looked majestic. These are our mountains, those of us who have grown up with this view. These mountains are a constant, something that we count on to always be there. This is one of my favorite paintings and I feel a certain reverence when viewing it. I hope you enjoy my impressionistic style of painting. Thank you, Eleanor

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Red Geraniums, 7" x 5", Oil on Canvas (SOLD)

Red Geraniums, 7" x 5", Oil on Canvas. One day when I was in my studio gazing out the window, I saw the most beautiful shade of red cascading from a pot of geraniums. I took my basket and clippers out to clip enough off to make a nice little bouquet. I put them on the table and I do this in watercolor or oil? Hmmm..I though but quickly decided this was an oil day. The Mason jar was clear so the green leaves reflected green throughout the entire jar. It's a small painting but it was well loved by the nice gal who bought it from me at an art show. I was flattered because she was an artist and interior designer. I love to paint and I loved doing this one. This being Memorial Day weekend, please keep in mind the service men and women who help to make us safe. My thanks, Eleanor

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother's Canning Jar, 10.5" x 10.5", Original Watercolor (SOLD)

Mother's Canning Jar, 10.5" x 10.5", Original Watercolor. This painting was inspired when my geraniums were blooming gorgeous colors. I wanted to paint them but needed the right kind of vase. I thought..Yes, one of my Mother's antique canning jar which are stored down in the basement. Geraniums remind me of her, as so many flowers do, so thought it appropriate that I use that jar. I went down and got one, then with clippers and basket in hand, went to cut a large bouquet to paint. I have so many memories of my Mother, when we use to can fruits, plant flowers, etc. Not that I ever forget, but this painting reminds me of her. I love square watercolors so cropped this to be matted and fit nicely in a 16" x 16", standard square frame. Please enjoy. This painting is available if interested. Contact: Thank you, Eleanor

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Peace", 10" x 8", Watercolor (SOLD)

"Peace", 10" x 8", Watercolor. As you may know, I love roses so much. I painted another single rose a few weeks ago named "A Rose is A Rose". I have had several requests to paint another so here it is. This rose is the "Peace" rose with beautiful colors of pinks. oranges and yellows. It seems that the colors are all speaking at once, not in an overwhelming way, but it does create some excitement. When I saw this rose a few blocks away from where I live so it was easy to take pictures and even draw for a while. I painted it with my impressionistic style, keeping in mind to let the lights be left to sparkle. I hope you enjoy.

It is available and you may contact me if interested. Some of my other paintings are on this blog for you to see. Thank you and enjoy! Eleanor

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Delicious", 8" x 8", Oil on Canvas (SOLD)

"Delicious", 8' x 8", Original Oil Painting on Canvas. Unframed, but painted on sides also. It would look nice to display on a small easel or lean against cookbooks in kitchen. I paint in both watercolor and oil mediums, but this one happens to be in oil. I enjoy both mediums and love to paint in an impressionistic style. Often when I go to the market I look in the produce section to see what catches my eye to paint. This day I spotted these bright red shiny Delicious apples. I do hope you enjoy viewing my painting. Thank you!

If interested in this painting, contact me at

Friday, May 13, 2011

"Radish Up", 8" x 10", Watercolor, Framed (Sold)

"Radish Up", 8" x 10", Original Watercolor by artist, Eleanor Erickson Hargrave.(With matting and frame the outside measurements are 13-3/4" x 16-3/4") This painting was done in my studio as I painted the radishes from life. I put the beautiful red radishes on my table, painting them with Holbein transparent watercolors. I love to look in the produce section of the market until I see something that looks really catches my eye. These radishes were a very clear red which instantly reminded me of a watercolor painting. I hope you enjoy my impressionistic style. Thank you for looking. Ellie

Purchase Info Click HERE:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Daylilies, 8" x 11", Watercolor (SOLD)

Daylilies, 9" x 11", Original Watercolor. This painting originated when I stood and admired the profuse blooms in the gardens of some dear friends. They were moving and I wanted to capture those flowers in my mind if I could. This is my impressionistic style of what I saw on that day and many days before. Daylilies are a mass of confusion with twigs and leaves going every which way, yet I see so much beauty in those calm yellow blooms. Something about a Daylily brings my mind to a less complicated time maybe decades ago. I remember my Mother, with a smile on her face, turning the soil and planting Daylilies. To me they are happy flowers and I hope you enjoy them too. Thank you, Eleanor

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Orange Tulips, 8" x 10", Watercolor (On HOLD)

Orange Tulips, 8" x 10", Watercolor. Painted loosely using lots of water in an impressionistic style. I painted this and the companion painting from life, as well as back up from a photo I took. It was a clear and slightly windy day when I went shopping with some gals up in Northern, Cali.. The tulips were prolific in beautiful large barrels in a picturesque and quaint shopping area. Forget the shopping I was captivated by the sight of these tulips. Staying outside with my camera, paper and pencil. I penciled the tulips in and painted shortly after. If interested please contact me at Thanks, Eleanor (Ellie)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Rose is a Rose, 9" x 12", Watercolor (SOLD)

A Rose is a Rose, was inspired by my memory of how wonderful my roses looked last year. My garden had so many gorgeous blooms that I was able to have vases full of them throughout the house, sharing with friends. I cultivated, pruned, fed, watered and tended them, not in that exact order. I took many photos for which I am so thankful. On some beautiful weather days I sat out in my yard painting them. I enjoyed that more than I can express. Oh sigh..this year is different and I have neglected them terribly. Every day I wonder when I feel better after chemo and radiation if my roses will forgive me for this years neglect. Will they ever bloom again as they did in years past? I hope both the roses and I will heal together and play catch up...soon. I hope you enjoy my impressionistic style of painting the rose. Thank you, Ellie Painting is available. Email:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Summer Zinnias," 12" x 16", Watercolor (Sold)

"Summer Zinnias," 12" x 16", Watercolor. This original painting was done from a photo I took in my back yard a few summers ago. Those Zinnias were so bright and cheery standing in the sunlight, a vision hard to forget. My garden boxes have never looked so vibrant. I really love to see the seasonal blooms in all their glory. If interested in this painting please contact me at Thank you, Eleanor

Friday, February 4, 2011

Myrtle Creek Nursery, by Eleanor Erickson Hargrave (Giclees Available)

Myrtle Creek Nursery, 18"x 18", Giclee on Canvas from my own Original Oil Painting. A few years ago I visited and took many photos at the Myrtle Creek Nursery in Fallbrook, CA. The bedding flowers were cascading from the colorful flats out in the sunshine. So beautiful was the color and the free form setting that only nature can provide. when I first saw these flowers I knew I had to paint them. I paint in a contemporary impressionistic style. The original oil painting was 16" x 20" and sold to a lovely couple in Tennessee. Luckily I had it digitally scanned by a professional and have made giclees. This is a square portion of the painting because I do love square oils of flowers in particular. I do have the entire 16" x 20" giclee available also. If interested, please contact me at I also painted these same flowers in watercolor which is now available. Thanks, and enjoy, Ellie