Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Peace", 10" x 8", Watercolor (SOLD)

"Peace", 10" x 8", Watercolor. As you may know, I love roses so much. I painted another single rose a few weeks ago named "A Rose is A Rose". I have had several requests to paint another so here it is. This rose is the "Peace" rose with beautiful colors of pinks. oranges and yellows. It seems that the colors are all speaking at once, not in an overwhelming way, but it does create some excitement. When I saw this rose a few blocks away from where I live so it was easy to take pictures and even draw for a while. I painted it with my impressionistic style, keeping in mind to let the lights be left to sparkle. I hope you enjoy.

It is available and you may contact me if interested. Some of my other paintings are on this blog for you to see. Thank you and enjoy! Eleanor

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