Monday, September 28, 2009

Lilies of Maine, 11" x 14", Watercolor

Lilies of Maine, 11" x 14", Watercolor. This one was most fun to paint, a commission piece for a friend. She brought me a photo of some of their yearly travels to Maine, with this one in mind. Come to think of it, I have two groups of friends that go to Maine on a yearly vacation, and they can't say enough good things about the beauty there. I've painted the Boats of Booth Bay Harbor for the couple who are there right now, and then this one for another dear friend. She knew exactly what she wanted and was very happy with the outcome. Of course I loved the flowers but the chair which was most challenging was probably the most fun. I do love a challenge. Just wanted to show it to you, as I love to do commissions pieces. At one point in this I thought there was a never ending winding around of leaves and vines, but in that confusion I saw beauty. Thank you, Eleanor

Friday, September 25, 2009

Boats of Acapulco, Giclees from Original Watercolor

"Boats of Acapulco", giclees made from original watercolor in sizes medium & large. I painted the original (which is SOLD), from a photo I took with my trusty camera as we bounced around Acapulco, MX, on a rickety tour bus. I recognized it as I describe it to be, a true Kodak moment. The boats were lined up in the most nautically picturesque and natural way. Hard to describe to the fullest, but I quickly slammed the window down, leaning out to get that one perfect shot. The bus driver was speeding around the corner but I just had to try for it. At that moment I knew I had it in the can so to speak. This painting has become the first of my boats, and to date the most popular giclee. The sizes/prices are as follows. 10-1/2" x 14"= $110.00, 14" x 18"= $165.00. If you are interested in ordering a giclee, please email me at,

The term "giclee print" connotes an elevation in printing technology. Images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas, fine art, and photo-base paper. The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other digital processes of reproduction. Thank you very much, Eleanor

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Loose Roses, Green, 5" x 7", Watercolor

Loose Roses, Green, 5" x 7", Watercolor. This was a fun and quick, loose painting of roses, one of my favorite subjects. I love roses, bright or pastel, loose or tightly painted. The natural colors found in our California rose gardens are just breath taking. To be able to capture the true beauty of a rose, would be an immense gift which I will forever strive for. I don't want to paint just like a camera though, because why would I? To do it my own way, and in that I can still see them gently swaying in the warm breezes out in the sunlight. I hope you enjoy this. The price is $50.00, shipping included. Thank you very much, Eleanor

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

View from the Bus, 9" x 11", Watercolor

"View from the Bus", 9" x 11", Watercolor. This original watercolor was painted from a photo I took on a bus trip returning from Reno, Nevada. A group of us went there to play the slot machines, eat the buffet food and see some shows. The bus was crowded and I felt like a sardine, not really feeling like any more party. As we were heading up I-80 towards Donner Pass, I snapped quite a few pictures out the window. This was a small farm off to the right not far from Boomtown, which would be north if I still had my sense of direction. I had fun painting this and enjoyed the colors. The price is $250, free shipping or framed. If interested please contact me at Thank you very much, Eleanor

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feeding Chickens on the Farm, 7" x 10", Watercolor (Gifted to my Niece)

"Feeding Chickens on the Farm", 7" x 10", Watercolor. This is a rather pastoral watercolor I painted from a photo my father took. I was eleven on this particular vacation to the Big Sky state. It was a clear but unusually dry, hot day. To keep my sister and I cooler our Mother put braids on top of our heads and I remember wearing sandals. My sister and I were out with our Aunt while she fed the chickens. Auntie was an amazing tiny woman, always wearing a crisp starched apron over a freshly ironed dress. She was married to my Mother's brother, Nicholas. When my Uncle wasn't at the Capital,in Great Falls, he worked hard with the boys out in the fields. Big noon meals were served, with fresh poultry(I won't explain it here, ha) or meat, two vegetables, salads, including homemade pies. In preparation for the meal my aunt would go out to to the garden and with a big pitch fork, dig up fresh russet potatoes. I often wondered how she knew where to aim the pitch fork, never missing. It must have been obvious, but I was a city girl from Pasadena. This particular red barn was called the "Bunk House", where the ranch hands slept. At 12 noon my aunt would ring the bell. We never knew if they could hear it but miraculously we could see them coming in from any which direction to eat. Dinner, a short nap and back out again. Suppertime was small, then to bed early only to do this over the next day. Sundays were for church..and visiting. If you are interested please contact me The price is $250, shipping included. Thank you, Eleanor

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Half Lemon and Apples, 6" x 8-1/4", Watercolor

Half Lemon and Apples, 6" x 8-1/4", Watercolor. I painted this one morning in my studio, after I realized I hadn't picked any flowers or for that matter hadn't needed to. I love fresh fruit and it is one of natures best subjects to paint, and don't forget vegetables too. I had a personal challenge with myself to see if I could paint the half lemon to look like just that. I tried to disregard what it was and just paint what I saw and felt. I recall needing to use Cerulean Blue, which made me smile..for a Lemon?? Oh well, I was really going to paint it objectively. I matted this painting in a natural 8" x 10" earthy color with just a hint of rose. I hope you like it, I really do. Actually, you won't see any here that I don't like because why would I show those? ha The price is $50, with free shipping. It would look nice in a kitchen. You may reach me at Thank you so much, Ellie

Pink Geraniums in Mothers Canning Jar, 18" x 12", Watercolor

Pink Geraniums in Mothers Canning Jar, 18" X 12", Original Watercolor, was inspirational for me to paint because it reminded me of some very good times. I went down into the basement to get one of my Mothers canning jars that she used when canning peaches and boysenberries. Her peaches were just the best and she made such good peach cobbler. Since she loved the pretty gardens so much, it just seemed fitting to put flowers in one of these jars. The bright pink geraniums were in full bloom, so why not? I hope you enjoy this watercolor as much as I enjoyed painting it. If interested you can reach me at The price of this painting is $300, free shipping. Thank you, Eleanor

Monday, September 14, 2009

"At Waters Edge, Feda, Norway" by Eleanor Erickson Hargrave

"At Waters Edge, Feda, Norway", 16" x 20", Oil on canvas. This picture was taken at the Fedde Waterfront Estate, on the water ways of the Feda Fjord. This land use to be spelled Fedde, after the family who yet own this property, some of whom have migrated to the US. In more recent years the spelling has changed to Feda. The family here in the USA, make trips to Norway every so oftem, and it was on one of those trips where this picture was taken. The daughter even played the organ in that white steepled church, on a visit there, bringing up many memories of their Grandfather who was born there. Our families have known each other since way before I was born. My family lived in Bergen and Oslo. This painting is very near and dear to my heart, and I am humbled that I was given this God given talent to be able to paint it. The price of this painting is $1,400,(reasonable offer will be considered. Please contact me at my studio, Thank you very much. Eleanor

Friday, September 11, 2009

Persson's Nursery, 10-1/3" x 12", Watercolor

This is a colorful watercolor that I painted after visiting "Persson's Nursery", in Pasadena. It is over by Eaton Canyon Golf Club on Sierra Madre Blvd. I love the colors at any nursery but this one looked especially inviting on this day. The weather was clear and crisp, so very pleasant to be outside. The view is looking east and the mountains are on the left. The price of this is 200 dollars(unframed), free shipping. If interested please contact me at my studio, Thank you very much for stopping by and viewing. Eleanor

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

French Lace and Eden, 20" x 14", Watercolor (Available)

"French Lace and Eden", an Original Watercolor painting done from real life. These are both names of roses that I have in my yard. French Lace are Floribundas, with a creamy white color, darker hint of pink or apricot in the center. Eden is an English climber, with a beautiful pink cup shape. Smaller yet full with approx 40 petals to each bloom. One of my favorites, so delicate and full of aroma, just beautiful. This painting is $600, matted and with white frame. Free shipping in the USA. If interested, please contact me at, or 626 795-2545. Thank you very much, Eleanor

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wild Horses, 11" x 14", Watercolor SOLD

"Wild Horses", was a watercolor I really enjoyed painting because of my Montana, summer cowgirl, experiences. My Uncle(Mom's brother) and his family had a big farm just seven miles outside of Valier, not far from Birch Creek. We visited up there in summers, and I loved seeing all the beautiful horses. My cousins with adjoining cattle ranches use to take the "wild horses" up to the base of the Rockies to graze and stay for a season. This is where I got my love of horses, hence this, my first watercolor of horses. This painting was shown at the Western Heritage Museum (Gene Autry Museum) in Los Angeles, where it was recently sold. My cousin knew Gene Autry and I find it a huge honor to have had my little painting end up there. Thank you for viewing my work. Eleanor SOLD

Spring Flowers, 11" x 14", Watercolor, SOLD

"Spring Flowers", 11" x 14", Watercolor. This painting has a long history behind it. I painted it to send via email to a long time dear friend who was terminally ill and in CCU. I painted it from the vision I had in my mind, not from any I had here in my studio. I couldn't send real flowers so this had to be it. They were appreciated and that was what mattered, just to bring a little joy. This past spring I sold it to the Mother of one of my son's former baseball team mates. She's a super gal, someone I've always admired. The story ends happily, and "Spring Flowers" had a good run.. Thank you for coming by to see my work. Eleanor SOLD

Cactus Flower, 15" x 20", Watercolor

"Cactus Flower" was painted from a photo given to me by a good friend from my high school days. The color is fun and bright which can clearly cheer up a room. The price of this painting is 500 dollars, and if interested please contact me though the studio. Shipping is free in USA, otherwise please contact me for additional charges. Thank you so much, Eleanor

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Navajo Girl, 8" x 10", Oil on Canvas

Navajo Girl", 10" x 8", Oil on canvas. Although I have been painting in watercolor for a while this was my very first attempt in oil. I like it so much and believe I painted this one straight from my heart. I was going to keep this one forever but in the beginning of 2009 it found a new home. I had giclees made on canvas as well as on watercolor paper. If you are interested in a giclee, please contact me at my studio., 626 795-2545. Thank you very much, Eleanor

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pink Roses, 12" x 9", Watercolor

"Pink Roses", was easy to set up and paint. I picked the roses from my garden and put them in a vase that I bought from the Scadinavian Festival in Thousand Oaks, CA. I just added the lemon for some warmth. I have good memories of that day. The price of this original painting is $175, shipping included. Please contact me at Each time I look at these roses I smile. Thank you for viewing my paintings. Eleanor

Friday, September 4, 2009

"Girl with the Hat", 11" x 14", Oil on canvas

"Girl with the Hat", was painted from photos after a day trip to the LA Zoo. Our art class from Art Center College of Design, went there to draw the animals and scenery. I found this gal to be such a fun subject and her hat and sweater made it a challenge. I hope you enjoy this painting and if you are interested please contact me at the studio. Thank you so much, Eleanor

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Katie, 7-3/4" x 6", Watercolor.

"Katie", is a very whimsical and fun watercolor painting of one of my Granddaughters. I like the way it captured her face, and she is beautiful. It is not for sale but if you are interested in having me do a commissioned painting, please call or email me at my studio. I love to paint portraits of children in watercolor. I have two commissions in progress right now, and I love doing them., 626 795-2545. Thank you very much, Grandma Ellie