Thursday, February 25, 2010

Freesias by the Fence, 9" x 12", Watercolor (SOLD)

Freesias by the Fence, 9" x 12", Watercolor. On a trip down the coast with a friend, we happened into a quaint well stocked nursery. I took many photos, one being the inspiration for this painting. It was a clear beautiful day, warm but not hot. Is it just in my mind that flowers look better by the coast? Some people have made comments that freesias don't come in red but I can tell you that isn't so. These were just a beautiful shade of clear red. If you would like to purchase this, please contact me at The cost is $200 with free shipping. Framing available at my cost.

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Thank you, Eleanor (Ellie)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

View from the Back, 18" x 14", Oil on canvas (Sadly, it was STOLEN)

View from the Back, 18" x 14", Oil on canvas. This oil painting is very dear to my heart as it's a small view of the back of my home. On a day that I was feeling very emotional I went way out back, sitting under an umbrella with my paints and my dog Jack. I just zoned out and got involved in the painting and my music. Of the two oil paintings that I've done of this view, this may be my favorite. It is rough, textured, earthy and very impressionistic. The greenish blue in the sky is very soothing. If interested please contact me at The photo doesn't do this one justice. Enjoy, and thanks for viewing. Eleanor

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pretty in Pink, by Eleanor Erickson Hargrave (SOLD)

Pretty in Pink, 10-1/2" x 10-1/2", Watercolor. This painting was done on a recent rainy day when I looked out and saw some Geraniums peeking in my window. I went out and picked a few for this blue pitcher with the intent to paint them. As the rain was falling, I was cozy and warm inside,music on, having fun painting these pretty pink Geraniums. I hope you enjoy them and if interested, the cost is $100/free shipping, unframed. You may contact me at Thank you, Ellie

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Persson's Nursery, 10" x 12", Watercolor (Sold)

Persson's Nursery, 10" x 12", Watercolor. This painting was from a photo I took at Persson's Nursery, Pasadena, CA. I went there to admire and take photos of the beautiful flowers. The long tables were covered with bursts of cascading flowers. The colors were just amazing and the excitement of both the warm and cool colors was breathtaking. On this day I tried to paint loose, which isn't as easy as it looks. My favorite season in the year is spring, and it's no doubt because of the profusion of color, and new growth. This painting is $200,/free shipping, with a custom mat. If interested, please contact me at Feel free to view all my current paintings. Thank you, Eleanor

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cactus Flowers, 15" x 20", Watercolor (Available) Showing at Pepe's Restaurant, Montrose

Cactus Flowers, 15" x 20", Watercolor (matted and framed in white, Nantucket Style)
This painting was done from a photo taken by a good friend I've known since highschool. I love the vibrant colors and it was loads of fun to paint. This large painting makes quite a colorful statement and would add to most any decor. There is something about these flowers that give the viewer a soft watery illusion, which is something I strive for. This illusion is heightened under the glass which isn't shown here. If you are interested in this painting, please contact me at I hope you enjoy. Thanks, Eleanor

Monday, February 1, 2010

Rain over the San Gabriels, 10" x 10", Watercolor (SOLD)

Rain over the San Gabriels, 10" x 10", Watercolor. This painting was inspired by a lifetime of enjoying the view of these mountains which are close to my home. My camera is never very far from my reach, and on this day I was compelled to take a photo of the rain clouds. Shortly after this photo was taken the rains began, pouring for days. My father use to hike in those mountains and my son explored parts of them. This day was unique because it was both cloudy and bright. The price of this painting is $200/free shipping. If interested please contact me at I hope you enjoy and thank you for viewing.