Sunday, January 27, 2013

"PASTEL PRETTY", 7" x 7". Watercolor Sketch

"PASTEL PRETTY", 7" x 7", Watercolor Sketch. This little painting was an exercise in sketching with my watercolors. I imagined some daisies and set out to sketch rather quickly. I did it in my own impressionistic style which seems to come naturally to me. I hope you like it and it is available for sale. Please contact me if interested on my email Thank you

Saturday, January 26, 2013

"NASTURTIUMS", 14" x 10", Watercolor

"NASTURTIUMS", 14" x 10", Watercolor Original. I LOVE Nasturtiums and have wanted to paint these for a long time. It was quite an undertaking with all those busy flowers and vine stems. These flowers were growing in my back yard some time back and luckily I captured it with my camera. My Father loved this flower too as I think it reminded him of days gone by with his parents. It is an old fashioned flower which brings nice memories. I painted this in my own impressionistic style and hope you like it. It is available and if interested you may contact me at Thank you, Eleanor

"BLUE BOAT", 6" x 6", Oil on Canvas

"BLUE BOAT", 6" x 6", Oil on Canvas. This painting reminds me of so many boats down at the harbors of Southern California. I've taken many photos of boats because I love the nautical look and like to paint them. I was also trying to capture the shine on the water and the far off colors of the sun reflection. This was painted in my own impressionistic style and I hope you enjoy it. This boat painting is available and the price is $100. I will include a stand up small decorator easel which looks wonderful for these small oil paintings
. Thank you, Eleanor

Monday, January 14, 2013

"VIEW FROM the WINDOW", 6" x 6", Oil on Canvas

"VIEW FROM the WINDOW, 6" x 6", Oil on Canvas. This painting came about as I looked through the kitchen window, enjoying a few tall trees out back. It was so enjoyable and I started to paint. This is what I came up with in my own impressionistic style. It was small and quick, but very enjoyable, putting my mind to another creative place. I hope you enjoy this, and if interested the cost i $75. You can reach me at I can get you a nice frame in gold or black if you ask. Thank you, Eleanor

Saturday, January 12, 2013

"FIELD of IRIS", 8" x 8", Oil on Canvas (Available)

"FIELD of IRIS', 8"x 8". Oil on Canvas. Iris have always been near and dear to me from my childhood. My Mother use to plant iris bulbs in many colors way out in the back yard. The colors graduated from one to another, just like I would imagine Monet had in his garden. This is the first time I have painted them in a long time and it was fun to do. I painted them in my own impressionistic style in Gamblin and Rembrandt artist oil paints. I hope you enjoy the painting, and if you'd like to purchase it, the price is $ $150. I can get you a lovely frame at my cost in either black or gold, Just let me know. My email address is Thank you for looking. Eleanor

" CALIFORNIA POPPIES", 6" x 6", Oil (Available)

"CALIFORNIA POPPIES", 6" x 6", Oil on Canvas. I love California Poppies, and basically all poppies. I look forward to the season when they come out and cover the ground with a blanket of orange. My parents taught me to appreciate poppies and ever since then I have paid attention to them. Great for ground cover in a less watered area. I had taken a photo of some and this is how this painting came about. I painted it in my own impressionistic style and hope you like it. If interested, the price of this painting is $100. I can get you a lovely frame in either gold or black at my cost if you ask. Thank you and enjoy! Eleanor

Friday, January 11, 2013

"THE TALE of the GIANT MEYER LEMON", 6" x 6", Oil on Canvas

"THE TALE of the GIANT MEYER LEMON", 6"x 6", Oil Painting. This painting is a whimsical breath of fresh air for me. For some reason I really found the humor in this one. I started out painting the Meyer lemon I had set up before me and then got carried away and quite enjoyed that time away from reality. In some ways it made me think of Van Gogh but then not really. I see the humor in many things but it might just be me..ha If you'd like to purchase this fine art piece it will be $75. It could fit nicely on a small decorative easel or I could also get you a lovely frame at my cost, if you are so inclined. Thank you, Eleanor Erickson Hargrave, Artist
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