Monday, May 2, 2011

Daylilies, 8" x 11", Watercolor (SOLD)

Daylilies, 9" x 11", Original Watercolor. This painting originated when I stood and admired the profuse blooms in the gardens of some dear friends. They were moving and I wanted to capture those flowers in my mind if I could. This is my impressionistic style of what I saw on that day and many days before. Daylilies are a mass of confusion with twigs and leaves going every which way, yet I see so much beauty in those calm yellow blooms. Something about a Daylily brings my mind to a less complicated time maybe decades ago. I remember my Mother, with a smile on her face, turning the soil and planting Daylilies. To me they are happy flowers and I hope you enjoy them too. Thank you, Eleanor

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