Friday, October 14, 2011

"Hot Pink Hydrangeas in Glass Jar" by Eleanor Erickson Hargrave (Available)

"Hot Pink Hydrangeas in Glass Jar".  12" x 12", Original Watercolor Painting.  This painting is in my own impressionistic style using Holbein transparent watercolor paints.  It was painted on Arches 140 lb, Artists Watercolor Paper.  I love to paint flowers, whether it be roses, hydrangeas or any variety of spring flowers. These Hot Pink Hydrangeas remind me of some on the northern side of my Grandparents home.  No matter what I say or write, I always think of Hydrangeas as "Grandma Flowers".  That is my affectionate term for the these flowers.  I had such fun painting them and with Hydrangeas it is a push pull thing to work them enough to take on the look of a Hydrangea without being overworked. Nothing worse than an overworked watercolor. I think in these I was able to capture this happy middle ground.  As a child I asked how come some are pink and some which I was told the correct answer of it being due to the iron and feed content of each plant.  This makes me wonder about the white ones, as if are they anemic? (probably the nurse in me).  I sure hope not but it did make me wonder.  This painting is available and the shipping will be free in the continental US. Any questions, please email me at  Thanks, Eleanor.

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