Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Bunch of Red Radishes, 7-3/4" Square, Original Watercolor (SOLD)

A Bunch of Red Radishes,  This painting was inspired when I went to the market and bought some radishes to paint. I love the shade of red and from time to time just have to paint more of them.  I put the bunch on an white plate with a blue and white checkered rim.  It gave the look a hint of country.  Radishes have their own personality with the shapes and just watching where the tails (roots) go.  Those are so fun to paint as I just put clear water the length of the root and then touch a bit of color..then watch it grow. It is more fun to watch.  This painting is sold but if you would like me to paint you some, just send me a note. Thank you for stopping by,,  Eleanor (Ellie) Erickson Hargrave, Artist.

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