Saturday, May 28, 2011

Red Geraniums, 7" x 5", Oil on Canvas (SOLD)

Red Geraniums, 7" x 5", Oil on Canvas. One day when I was in my studio gazing out the window, I saw the most beautiful shade of red cascading from a pot of geraniums. I took my basket and clippers out to clip enough off to make a nice little bouquet. I put them on the table and I do this in watercolor or oil? Hmmm..I though but quickly decided this was an oil day. The Mason jar was clear so the green leaves reflected green throughout the entire jar. It's a small painting but it was well loved by the nice gal who bought it from me at an art show. I was flattered because she was an artist and interior designer. I love to paint and I loved doing this one. This being Memorial Day weekend, please keep in mind the service men and women who help to make us safe. My thanks, Eleanor

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  1. May I have your permission to use your charming image on a program for a ladies' luncheon at a private club in June?

    K Wight