Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gentle Rain over the San Gabriel's, 11" x 11", Orig. Watercolor (SOLD)

"Gentle Rain over the San Gabriel's", 11" x 11", Original Watercolor Painting. As one would stand on the western side of the Arroyo's brim in Pasadena, you could face north and see this view. On this day, the sun was shining brightly on the golf course, yet you could see signs of a gentle rain up over the mountains in the clouds. A most beautiful afternoon with bright blue skies. The majestic San Gabriel's have been a landmark view for all who reside or visit the area. These mountains are not only beautiful, but they are strong, withstanding fires and flooding. Even when they were recently charred with the terrible fires, they took on an almost purple appearance and looked majestic. These are our mountains, those of us who have grown up with this view. These mountains are a constant, something that we count on to always be there. This is one of my favorite paintings and I feel a certain reverence when viewing it. I hope you enjoy my impressionistic style of painting. Thank you, Eleanor

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