Saturday, May 28, 2011

Red Geraniums, 7" x 5", Oil on Canvas (SOLD)

Red Geraniums, 7" x 5", Oil on Canvas. One day when I was in my studio gazing out the window, I saw the most beautiful shade of red cascading from a pot of geraniums. I took my basket and clippers out to clip enough off to make a nice little bouquet. I put them on the table and I do this in watercolor or oil? Hmmm..I though but quickly decided this was an oil day. The Mason jar was clear so the green leaves reflected green throughout the entire jar. It's a small painting but it was well loved by the nice gal who bought it from me at an art show. I was flattered because she was an artist and interior designer. I love to paint and I loved doing this one. This being Memorial Day weekend, please keep in mind the service men and women who help to make us safe. My thanks, Eleanor

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother's Canning Jar, 10.5" x 10.5", Original Watercolor (SOLD)

Mother's Canning Jar, 10.5" x 10.5", Original Watercolor. This painting was inspired when my geraniums were blooming gorgeous colors. I wanted to paint them but needed the right kind of vase. I thought..Yes, one of my Mother's antique canning jar which are stored down in the basement. Geraniums remind me of her, as so many flowers do, so thought it appropriate that I use that jar. I went down and got one, then with clippers and basket in hand, went to cut a large bouquet to paint. I have so many memories of my Mother, when we use to can fruits, plant flowers, etc. Not that I ever forget, but this painting reminds me of her. I love square watercolors so cropped this to be matted and fit nicely in a 16" x 16", standard square frame. Please enjoy. This painting is available if interested. Contact: Thank you, Eleanor

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Peace", 10" x 8", Watercolor (SOLD)

"Peace", 10" x 8", Watercolor. As you may know, I love roses so much. I painted another single rose a few weeks ago named "A Rose is A Rose". I have had several requests to paint another so here it is. This rose is the "Peace" rose with beautiful colors of pinks. oranges and yellows. It seems that the colors are all speaking at once, not in an overwhelming way, but it does create some excitement. When I saw this rose a few blocks away from where I live so it was easy to take pictures and even draw for a while. I painted it with my impressionistic style, keeping in mind to let the lights be left to sparkle. I hope you enjoy.

It is available and you may contact me if interested. Some of my other paintings are on this blog for you to see. Thank you and enjoy! Eleanor

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Delicious", 8" x 8", Oil on Canvas (SOLD)

"Delicious", 8' x 8", Original Oil Painting on Canvas. Unframed, but painted on sides also. It would look nice to display on a small easel or lean against cookbooks in kitchen. I paint in both watercolor and oil mediums, but this one happens to be in oil. I enjoy both mediums and love to paint in an impressionistic style. Often when I go to the market I look in the produce section to see what catches my eye to paint. This day I spotted these bright red shiny Delicious apples. I do hope you enjoy viewing my painting. Thank you!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

"Radish Up", 8" x 10", Watercolor, Framed (Sold)

"Radish Up", 8" x 10", Original Watercolor by artist, Eleanor Erickson Hargrave.(With matting and frame the outside measurements are 13-3/4" x 16-3/4") This painting was done in my studio as I painted the radishes from life. I put the beautiful red radishes on my table, painting them with Holbein transparent watercolors. I love to look in the produce section of the market until I see something that looks really catches my eye. These radishes were a very clear red which instantly reminded me of a watercolor painting. I hope you enjoy my impressionistic style. Thank you for looking. Ellie

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Daylilies, 8" x 11", Watercolor (SOLD)

Daylilies, 9" x 11", Original Watercolor. This painting originated when I stood and admired the profuse blooms in the gardens of some dear friends. They were moving and I wanted to capture those flowers in my mind if I could. This is my impressionistic style of what I saw on that day and many days before. Daylilies are a mass of confusion with twigs and leaves going every which way, yet I see so much beauty in those calm yellow blooms. Something about a Daylily brings my mind to a less complicated time maybe decades ago. I remember my Mother, with a smile on her face, turning the soil and planting Daylilies. To me they are happy flowers and I hope you enjoy them too. Thank you, Eleanor