Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Blue Cornflower", 14' X 11", Original Watercolor (SOLD)

   "Blue Cornflower", 14" x11", Original Watercolor. This painting was inspired by the beautiful flowers I had just purchased to put on my table. I looked around for that special vase or pitcher to put them in and saw this one. I instantly felt sentimental because of remembering all the fun family times we had at the table when using these dishes. Blue is really my favorite color if I could only have one..(but thank goodness we can have many) A beautiful day for painting ...and I love to paint in my impressionistic style, both in wastercolor and oil. I hope you enjoy this painting. Please feel free to look back in the folders of my art blog. I hope you enjoy this painting. This is a very standard size and standard sizing is not expensive. I usuallly go to Aaron Bros. for my framing needs as they have a great and large selection. Enjoy! Please contact me with any questions. Thank you

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