Monday, August 1, 2011

"Flowers and Fruit", 11" x 11", Original Watercolor (Available)

"Flowers and Fruit", 11" x 11", Original Watercolor. This cheerful watercolor was inspired when I went looking for some pretty flowers to buy and paint. I painted "Blue Cornflower", which sold right away and l needed to keep painting. The flowers were still fresh and I really wanted to paint using similar colors of cobalt blue and yellows. I traded the pitcher for a smaller one and then started at it.(I love those dishes) It was a lovely day out and I could feel the energy as I paint right next to the window. When I finished, the painting was a little unsettling to me until I realized it needed to be cropped. I LOVE it now after making it square, a wonderful shape for many paintings. When I look at it now, I see luscious colors of cheerful energy. Wow..I should bottle that energy! It is available if you are interested. Thank you, Ellie

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