Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Bright Pink Roses", 12" x 12", Orig. Watercolor (Available)

"Bright Pink Roses", 12" x 12", Watercolor. As many of you know I love flowers so much, roses in particular. Actually the one I am painting is often my favorite at the time. This painting was inspired when several days ago I went out to find some flowers to cut and bring in to paint. I brought them in using my white garden basket, and then went hunting for the right vase to put them in. Lately I have been in the mood for glass canning jars. This jar was shorter and rounded which gave me a little challenge. Canning jars always bring my own Mother and Grandma to mind. In this case since I bought it later when I had my own children with me so it remindeds me of them. I had two of the children with me when we went looking around at an old antique shopping haunt where I purchased this. I trimmed the roses a little bit and arranged them in fresh water. When I found these roses in my garden I noticed the metal tag had fallen off..Urggg. I have a schematic with name and such so I will update and retag it. For this painting I will name them "Bright Pink Roses". I love the color and it seems to make people happy when looking at them. Enjoy! Please contact me if interested in purchasing this painting. Thank you and enjoy! Ellie

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