Monday, August 29, 2011

"Two Bunches of Radishes", 8" x 10", Original Watercolor (SOLD)

This lovely little piece of Fine Art is ready to go to your home. I took two bunches of perky radishes and placed them on my white plate with blue and white checkered rim.  I love the color and the look of radishes, and together with this country style plate  it feels complete. I painted this in my impressionistic style, with a loose and watery touch.   There is something about these colors that make me think of a nice cheerful kitchen.  I like a watercolor to looked like it isn't overworked, leaving some of the details to the viewer.  I  painted these radishes on a standard size paper, so it would be easier and less expensive to frame. Just a standard matting and wastercolor frame, will make it stand out in any kitchen. If interested in purchasing this painting, just send me an email at   Thanks, Eleanor (Ellie) Erickson Hargrave 

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