Sunday, August 30, 2009

Orange and Yellow Tulips, 11" x 8", Watercolor

Orange and Yellow Tulips is a watercolor I did from a photo while in Walnut Creek, CA. A clear and crisp day, so beautiful with the tulips billowing out from huge pots in their luscious color. I took photos instead of shopping, hence the watercolors. Matted and framed in Nantucket white. The cost is $225($200 if the pair, see below) If interested please contact me at the studio, or 626-795-2545. Thank you so much, Ellie

Roses in Tall Vase, 14" x 18", Watercolor

Now, this one has a story. It was one of my very first paintings (probably 4th) I wanted something to put over the mantle so painted this. I remember trying to paint as Van Gogh did, notice the vase. It is very rugged artistically speaking, yet somehow I've liked it enough to stay up over my mantle for the past five years. Now I'm going to sell it and put something else up finally, yet I will miss it. I'm asking $400..and you can email me if you'd like it. It is in a custom white mat, with inside soft blue color.(22"x28") Thank you, Eleanor

Saturday, August 29, 2009

"First Bloom", 24" x 18", Oil on Canvas.(Available)

This original oil painting is of "Shabby Chic Roses", and is lovely and quite unusual. Large open roses in a stately (Orrefors Swedish) crystal vase. This painting is also framed in the same distressed white style, and would be a compliment to any room with that feel. The price is $750. If interested you may contact me at the studio. or 626 795-2545. I hope it finds just the right home because there is a lot of TLC in this piece. Thank you, Eleanor

Radish Up, 8" x 10", Watercolor

Radish Up, is a very happy and whimsical painting, just right for the kitchen or dining area. The painting is 8" x 10", and is nicely framed with the total outside measurements being 13-1/2" x 17". I enjoy painting vegetables and fruit but it seems that radishes are my specialty. I seem to get a kick out of painting the little tail(not sure what it's called, but now I will look it up) The price of this painting is $275. If you are interested in it, please contact me at my email., or phone my studio. (626)795-2545I. Thank you

Watneys Pub, 15-1/4" x 12", Watercolor

This watercolor painting was done after setting up this display from flowers and objects in my garden and kitchen. I very much enjoyed doing this one and I hope you like it. It was both fun and whimsical trying to paint the coffee mug. This painting would look wonderful matted and framed, either in a dining room or kitchen area. I know it's hard to say about our own work, but I like it. If interested in purchasing, please call me at the studio 626 795-2545 or send an email. The price is $400. Thank you, Eleanor

Daffodils at Mayacamas Vineyards, 18" x 18", Oil SOLD

This oil painting was done from a photo taken at Mayacamas Vineyards in Napa, California. This winery is owned and operated by the Bob Travers Family, friends from high school. If you like wine you will love theirs especially. This painting was done on gallery canvas and needs no framing. If you are interested in this painting, please send me an email. or call my studios at 626 795-2545. Thank you. Ellie

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boats of Booth Bay Harbor, 11" x 14", Oil on Canvas

I painted this original oil from a photo sent to me by some dear friends. They vacation in Maine each year and love this particular area at Booth Bay Harbor. I love nautical things anyway but deep blue water with the red and white accents, and the church, just blew me away. I guess it reminded me of our flag in better times. Asking price is $325, directly through the artist. Please email me at or call 626-795-2545. I hope this painting finds a very nice home, because it's one of my favorites. Thank you, Eleanor

Orange Tulips, 9" x 12", Watercolor

This watercolor painting was from a photo I took while up in Walnut Creek, California. The gals I were with went trying on clothes while I, along with my trusty camera, went out for a photo shoot of the gorgeous potted tulips. There were huge pots of them, just brimming with oranges and yellows. This painting is for sale at $225, and it's in a nice white Nantucket frame. You can purchase it directly from me by phoning my studio at 626-795-2545 or sending me an email. Thanks for stopping by. Ellie

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hot Pink Vinca, 8" x 10", Watercolor

I went to the nursery one morning to pick out a few bedding plants for my garden. I just couldn't plant them until I captured them with my watercolor paints first. It is an original 8"x 10" watercolor, matted and framed. The cost is $225, framed or $150, unframed. Shipping free. You can purchase it directly through me at my Blog or else you may contact me through my website. Thank you, Ellie (Eleanor)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Red Geraniums, 8"x 6", Oil on canvas (I traded this to another artist for her painting)

This is a small, bright and pretty red flower painting. Just ready for a frame or display easel. I have geraniums on my patio, and was admiring this shade of red so much that I brought it in and painted it. It is available for $99.00, shipping included. Just contact me via email, or call on studio phone, 626-795-2545.

Sweet Peas and Hot Wheels, 14" x 10", Watercolor

I picked a bouquet of Sweet Peas to put on my kitchen table, when I noticed the fragrant scent that reminded me of my Mother's flowers. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed my son's Hot Wheels car and decided to combine them in the painting. I like the play between the warm and cool colors and to me it adds a bit of whimsy. This painting is a 14"x 10" original watercolor. If you would like to contact me about this painting, please call my studio at 626-795-2545. Thank you for stopping by my Blog and I hope you come back often. Ellie

Monday, August 24, 2009

Myrtle Creek Nursery, Watercolor (Available)

Myrtle Creek Nursery, original watercolor.

On a trip to Fallbrook, California, I stopped by the Myrtle Creek Nursery and took some photos. These flowers sparkled with color in the sunlight and how could I not paint them? I painted a large oil first, which sold to a lovely couple in Tennessee. Now I've completed this watercolor which is 11-1/4" x 14-1/4". The price is $400 and can be purchased directly through me at, or at the studio. Phone is(626)795-2545. I hope you have enjoyed viewing my paintings. Thank you, Ellie