Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Solvi's Roses, 11" x 9", Watercolor (SOLD)

This was a studio painting which I did from a photo. It was sent to me by a dear friend who lives in Drammen, Norway. Both Solvi and the roses are so very beautiful and I wanted to paint and name them in her honor. Of course I am a proud American but my forefather's came from Norway and I never forget that and feel a part of me is always there. I hope you like my way of trying to make watercolor flowers look watery. This was my pleasure to paint. If interested in my "Solvi's Roses". please write me at arroyoellie@sbcglobal.net Thank you, and enjoy! Ellie Eleanor Erickson Hargrave

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"French Lace and Eden", 20" x 14-1/2, Watercolor (SOLD)

'French Lace' and "Eden" are two of my favorite Roses, having many favorites. French Lace is blooming now out in front of my picture window. A white rose with peach/cream blush nearing the center. "Eden" is a David Austin English Rose in a cup shape with green around the outer petals. The cup shape just captures me as you can see in the one focal point rose in this painting. This painting is matted in a muted soft green, framed in white Nantucket frame. The outside measurements are 28" x 23". The price was regularly $600 but I have put it down to $300 to move it out and make room for new ones. Maybe a crazy idea but $600 seemed high right now. If interested please email me at arroyoellie@sbcglobal.net. Thank you, Ellie

Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Delicious", 8" x 8", Oil on Canvas (SOLD)

"Delicious", 8"x 8*, Oil on Canvas, was such fun to paint, even though it was an after thought. I painted the "Delicious" one first and then with my leftover paints thought why not? I think I may actually like this one best and the reds are so vibrant and exciting to me. This one is for sale too and I may list it on eBay. If you would like to purchase it just send me an email. arroyoellie@sbcgloba.net Thank you, Ellie