Monday, August 29, 2011

"Two Bunches of Radishes", 8" x 10", Original Watercolor (SOLD)

This lovely little piece of Fine Art is ready to go to your home. I took two bunches of perky radishes and placed them on my white plate with blue and white checkered rim.  I love the color and the look of radishes, and together with this country style plate  it feels complete. I painted this in my impressionistic style, with a loose and watery touch.   There is something about these colors that make me think of a nice cheerful kitchen.  I like a watercolor to looked like it isn't overworked, leaving some of the details to the viewer.  I  painted these radishes on a standard size paper, so it would be easier and less expensive to frame. Just a standard matting and wastercolor frame, will make it stand out in any kitchen. If interested in purchasing this painting, just send me an email at   Thanks, Eleanor (Ellie) Erickson Hargrave 

Friday, August 26, 2011

"Daffodils by the Fence", 10" x 8", Original Watercolor (SOLD)

"Daffodils by the Fence" was such fun to paint. I love the little cups on their faces, so delicate and fun.  I am amazed each day by God's beauty out there in all of our gardens.  Such a personality the daffodils take on. Some cups are almost facing downward as if shy, and some stand tall and look you right in the eye. They look so delicately feminine with their ruffles in different shades of yellow. If you are interested it purchasing this painting, please just send me an email.  It is unframed but of a standard size, all ready for your choice of matting and watercolor frame.  Free Shipping in the continental USA..  I hope you enjoyed my impressionistic style of painting these daffodils.  My thanks, Ellie  Email address is for any inquiries.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Bright Pink Roses", 12" x 12", Orig. Watercolor (Available)

"Bright Pink Roses", 12" x 12", Watercolor. As many of you know I love flowers so much, roses in particular. Actually the one I am painting is often my favorite at the time. This painting was inspired when several days ago I went out to find some flowers to cut and bring in to paint. I brought them in using my white garden basket, and then went hunting for the right vase to put them in. Lately I have been in the mood for glass canning jars. This jar was shorter and rounded which gave me a little challenge. Canning jars always bring my own Mother and Grandma to mind. In this case since I bought it later when I had my own children with me so it remindeds me of them. I had two of the children with me when we went looking around at an old antique shopping haunt where I purchased this. I trimmed the roses a little bit and arranged them in fresh water. When I found these roses in my garden I noticed the metal tag had fallen off..Urggg. I have a schematic with name and such so I will update and retag it. For this painting I will name them "Bright Pink Roses". I love the color and it seems to make people happy when looking at them. Enjoy! Please contact me if interested in purchasing this painting. Thank you and enjoy! Ellie

Monday, August 1, 2011

"Flowers and Fruit", 11" x 11", Original Watercolor (Available)

"Flowers and Fruit", 11" x 11", Original Watercolor. This cheerful watercolor was inspired when I went looking for some pretty flowers to buy and paint. I painted "Blue Cornflower", which sold right away and l needed to keep painting. The flowers were still fresh and I really wanted to paint using similar colors of cobalt blue and yellows. I traded the pitcher for a smaller one and then started at it.(I love those dishes) It was a lovely day out and I could feel the energy as I paint right next to the window. When I finished, the painting was a little unsettling to me until I realized it needed to be cropped. I LOVE it now after making it square, a wonderful shape for many paintings. When I look at it now, I see luscious colors of cheerful energy. Wow..I should bottle that energy! It is available if you are interested. Thank you, Ellie