Tuesday, September 22, 2009

View from the Bus, 9" x 11", Watercolor

"View from the Bus", 9" x 11", Watercolor. This original watercolor was painted from a photo I took on a bus trip returning from Reno, Nevada. A group of us went there to play the slot machines, eat the buffet food and see some shows. The bus was crowded and I felt like a sardine, not really feeling like any more party. As we were heading up I-80 towards Donner Pass, I snapped quite a few pictures out the window. This was a small farm off to the right not far from Boomtown, which would be north if I still had my sense of direction. I had fun painting this and enjoyed the colors. The price is $250, free shipping or framed. If interested please contact me at arroyoelliestudios@sbcglobal.net Thank you very much, Eleanor

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