Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feeding Chickens on the Farm, 7" x 10", Watercolor (Gifted to my Niece)

"Feeding Chickens on the Farm", 7" x 10", Watercolor. This is a rather pastoral watercolor I painted from a photo my father took. I was eleven on this particular vacation to the Big Sky state. It was a clear but unusually dry, hot day. To keep my sister and I cooler our Mother put braids on top of our heads and I remember wearing sandals. My sister and I were out with our Aunt while she fed the chickens. Auntie was an amazing tiny woman, always wearing a crisp starched apron over a freshly ironed dress. She was married to my Mother's brother, Nicholas. When my Uncle wasn't at the Capital,in Great Falls, he worked hard with the boys out in the fields. Big noon meals were served, with fresh poultry(I won't explain it here, ha) or meat, two vegetables, salads, including homemade pies. In preparation for the meal my aunt would go out to to the garden and with a big pitch fork, dig up fresh russet potatoes. I often wondered how she knew where to aim the pitch fork, never missing. It must have been obvious, but I was a city girl from Pasadena. This particular red barn was called the "Bunk House", where the ranch hands slept. At 12 noon my aunt would ring the bell. We never knew if they could hear it but miraculously we could see them coming in from any which direction to eat. Dinner, a short nap and back out again. Suppertime was small, then to bed early only to do this over the next day. Sundays were for church..and visiting. If you are interested please contact me The price is $250, shipping included. Thank you, Eleanor

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