Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pink Geraniums in Mothers Canning Jar, 18" x 12", Watercolor

Pink Geraniums in Mothers Canning Jar, 18" X 12", Original Watercolor, was inspirational for me to paint because it reminded me of some very good times. I went down into the basement to get one of my Mothers canning jars that she used when canning peaches and boysenberries. Her peaches were just the best and she made such good peach cobbler. Since she loved the pretty gardens so much, it just seemed fitting to put flowers in one of these jars. The bright pink geraniums were in full bloom, so why not? I hope you enjoy this watercolor as much as I enjoyed painting it. If interested you can reach me at The price of this painting is $300, free shipping. Thank you, Eleanor

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