Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Half Lemon and Apples, 6" x 8-1/4", Watercolor

Half Lemon and Apples, 6" x 8-1/4", Watercolor. I painted this one morning in my studio, after I realized I hadn't picked any flowers or for that matter hadn't needed to. I love fresh fruit and it is one of natures best subjects to paint, and don't forget vegetables too. I had a personal challenge with myself to see if I could paint the half lemon to look like just that. I tried to disregard what it was and just paint what I saw and felt. I recall needing to use Cerulean Blue, which made me smile..for a Lemon?? Oh well, I was really going to paint it objectively. I matted this painting in a natural 8" x 10" earthy color with just a hint of rose. I hope you like it, I really do. Actually, you won't see any here that I don't like because why would I show those? ha The price is $50, with free shipping. It would look nice in a kitchen. You may reach me at Thank you so much, Ellie

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