Sunday, January 15, 2012

"WHITE DAFFODILS by the FENCE", 11" x 14", Oil on Canvas, Framed (AVAILABLE)

White Daffodils by the Fence, 11" x 14", Oil on Canvas, Framed.  I painted this oil over a period of 2 months, adding texture and depth to the white daffodils. I so enjoyed painting these white daffodils and have painted yellow daffodils by fences before. Something about the little cupped flowers which remind me of a woodsy setting out in nature somewhere. This was painted in my own impressionistic style, using quality artistic Gamblin oil paints.  The frame that I put this in is just gorgeous and I hope you look at it closely. The photo was hard to get because of the glare on the damp oil paint,  I decided to post it anyway in spite of that. I hope you enjoy this painting. Thank you.

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