Sunday, January 15, 2012

"TALL VASE of RED ROSES", 16" x 20", Oil on Canvas (SOLD)

"Tall Vase of Red Roses", 16" x 20", Oil on Canvas.  These beautiful tall roses were too beautiful to not paint.  It started them some time ago but the color just didn't suit me.  I set it aside as I do occasionally with an oil. The other day I went back to it with a fresh new idea. I changed the color of the roses as well as the background.  In my idea it just worked and I had such fun dabbing on the impressionistic style brush strokes from a distance. I sold it in the first morning and I couldn't be happier how it ended up and where it's going to hang.  I hope you enjoy looking at it also as I've heard it had quite a good response.  This gives new thought to painting more red roses.   Thank you very much.   Any questions, you may send me a note. 

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