Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Ready to Sail", 14" x 11", Oil on Canvas. (SOLD)

"Ready to Sail", 14" x 11", Oil on Canvas. This painting was inspired when I went down to Balboa with my special beach loving friend. We love to hang out in Balboa having lunch and then looking through the shops.  We always end up walking close to the water as I shoot photos of boats and nautical things. She has a good eye and makes fun observant comments as we go. I love the flowers at the beach too as they seem to bloom just a little better there. The sparkle of the white paint and sails in the sunlight just captivate me. It looks so clean and fresh against the blue of the water.  I hope you like my impressionistic style of capturing this boat scene.  Balboa is one of my favorite places, can you tell?  Thank you. If interested please write me at arroyoellie@sbcglobal.net

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