Friday, January 4, 2013

"COUSINS", 6" x 6", Oil on Canvas (Available)

"COUSINS", 6" x 6", Oil on Canvas. This oil painting came to my mind as I walk through the produce section of the market and saw a huge display of beautiful apples. All kinds and colors, shining and waiting for me to put them in my basket. I chose three of my favorites, Gala, Delicious, and Pippin. I brought them home and arranged them in a ceramic dish, and started to paint. I used my Gamblin and Rembrandt artists oils and it was a fun time. I paint in my own impressionistic style which seems to come naturally to me. I hope you enjoyed this and if you would like to purchase it, the price is $125. I can get you a very nice frame at my cost if you just let me know. The frame comes in black or gold but I think black would be best for this painting. Please send me a note at if any questions.
Thank you

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