Saturday, January 5, 2013

"ALL TIDE UP", 6" x 6", Oil on Canvas

"All Tide Up", 6" x 6", Oil on Canvas. This boat painting came about while I was having a day at the beach, Alamitos Bay to be exact. We went to a hamburger cafe on the bay, and many would tie up their boats and come in and eat. The children would often come in their Sabots, which was a beautiful site to see. I wanted to paint this one using many different colors in the water and boats, using my own impressionistic style. I used Gamblin and Rembrandt artists oil paints and painted on a small canvas, trying to paint 30 paintings in 30 days for Leslie Saeta's painting challange, which will be fun and a great learning time. If you enjoy this boat painting, the cost is $150. I will be happy to get you a nice frame at my cost. The frames I am thinking about come to about $36 dollars, shipping included. Just let me know. You can reach me at Thank you.

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