Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chloe, 11" x 14", Watercolor (Commission, SOLD)

Chloe, 11" x 14", Watercolor. This was a most enjoyable commission piece of art to paint. I was given a photo of Chloe, taken while the family was on vacation in Hawaii. Apparently Chloe was playing in a children's play area and ran over to the fence to view her parents. It was at this time that the photo was taken. In my artistic whimsy I didn't hide the fact that it reminded me of the "Kilroy Was Here", pose. I also decided to enhance the feel of the tropics with the soft pastel flowers. I love to paint portraits, especially those of children. Please let me know if you have someone special that you'd like me to paint in a watercolor keepsake. My contact email is Thank you. Eleanor

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